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In 2002, a year after the first open house, the first Gina Lynne Design storefront was opened in downtown Findlay, Ohio. Word continued to spread and the need to expand became clear, this eventually led to the opening of a new, larger location to better serve Gina Lynne Design's growing client list. Within the span of just a few years, Gina Lynne Design went from a basement open house to a go-to brand for amazing and unique floral design in Findlay the surrounding areas. In 2015, the Gina Lynne Design storefront was closed in order to allow for the creation of a new design studio. Instead of the day-to-day demands of a well curated showroom, Gina can concentrate on what matters most: creating beautiful design. 


From the beginning, the mission of Gina Lynne Design has been to craft unique and inspiring floral designs for all her clients. Gina dedicates an extraordinary amount of time and focus to detail and quality service in order to meet the needs of clients. Clients past and present can attest to the very fact that anything produced from Gina Lynne Design is not a carbon copy from a brochure or a magazine, but something exquisite and bearing the fingerprints of a true artist.  Throughout the years, Gina’s passion for her work has not wavered. The passion to communicate through her work that true creativity and quality is not a lost art persists even to this very day. Gina loves that she able to use God’s creation of beautiful flowers to bless others.

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